HIGH DESIGN - Home & Office Expo is a business fair focused on solutions for architecture, interior design, residential and corporate projects. Unique of its kind in the country, its exhibitors have brands committed to international standards of product quality, service excellence and authorial design. It's the DW anchor event! São Paulo Design Weekend!

A business and multimedia content platform that offers unique, unprecedented and exclusive personal experiences to visitors.

  • 3 days of exposure. Business, networking, content and connections.
  • Segmented fair: furniture, works of art, objects, Office Connection, Studio High, surfaces, planned, light design, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • More than 100 brands on display.
  • Talking spaces in different environments.
  • Held at São Paulo Expo, the largest and most modern exhibition pavilion in Brazil, with an excellent location.
  • Exclusive for architects, interior designers, builders, shopkeepers, international buyers, investors, buyers and specifiers for hotel chains, restaurants,retail chains, office and facilities.
  • Free accreditation. Simultaneously held at ARQ + Smart Construction, Hotel Business Meeting, Shows Salão Design Award and DW! São Paulo Design Week.

Participate in the event most connected to the changes in the architecture and decoration market! High Design Expo 2020 takes place from August 19th to 21st.