High Design – Home & Office Expo offers a unique opportunity for everyone to get to know the main trends, innovations and launches in:

  • High End Furniture: Free-standing Furniture for internal and external spaces and Corporative Furniture;
  • Customized furniture and Complements: Fitted Furniture, Doors, Panels, Handles, Locks Frames and Finishings;
  • Designer Furniture and Objects: signed pieces;
  • Design solutions for kitchens and bathrooms: Household domestic appliances, portable electrical appliances, Metals, Raised Sinks, Sinks, Benches, Shredders, amongst others;
  • Surfaces: Textiles, Marbles, Paints, Wallpaper, Venetian blinds, Carpets, Wall furnishings, Steel and Aluminum for façades;
  • Light Design and Automation: decorative Illumination and automation;